Crystals, Healing and Workshops

Brisbane and South-East Queensland

Kerry Marsh of Crystal Discoveries is a Certified Crystal Healer and an Approved Training Provider with IICT – and can offer her clients the following:

  • Crystal Healing – specialising in Fertility
  • Workshops to either reconnect you to the healing power of crystals, or become a fully qualified Crystal Healer:
    • The Crystal Healing Level One Workshop (One Day)
    • The Crystal Healing Practitioner – Crystal Healing Level Two Workshop (Two Days)
  • Sale of Crystals for –
  • Fertility
  • Confidence and Courage
  • Protection
  • Better Sleep
  • Creativity
  • Lifting the Blues
  • Women’s Health
  • Chakra Balance
  • Passion
  • Love Attraction
  • Success
  • Luck, Wealth and Abundance
  • Magic and Intuition
  • Stress Relief
  • Crystal Kits also availabe to balance and align each chakra

Mission Statement:

Kerry is dedicated to healing the planet, one heart and soul at a time. Kerry’s passion in life is to work with the energies of both heaven and earth to bring peace, joy and harmony to those who seek self-healing through reconnecting to spirit, mother earth and their hearts.

Kerry works with both people and animals, sharing her passion and promoting the education and use of essential oils and crystals to support health, healing and wellbeing.

Kerry is a heart-centred Practitioner who combines Crystal and Angel Healing with Astrology and Aromatherapy to provide insightful counselling and healing – empowering individuals on their personal paths to wellness and spiritual wholeness.

Kerry provides workshops, healing sessions, and resources for other Practitioners – focusing on the healing power of crystals, essential oils and astrology.